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Monday, 10 April 2017

Make a puppy


Make a puppy 


First and foremost I take no credit for any of the FREE pattern links on this page none of these are any of my work but are the work of many talented people who have donated them generously for everyone to share ,please be grateful to them for their generosity and DO NOT  try to sell these patterns or pass them off as your own THANK you to the writer and designer for this FREE pattern or idea's ENJOY !!!!
by Helen McKay-Ferguson

Please click on the pictureto get the pattern  and print ENJOY !!!

You will need
■ 23cm (9in) printed mid-weight cotton fabric (114cm/45in wide) for Body
■ 15x35.5cm (6x14in) coordinating mid-weight cotton for Ears
■ Coordinating thread
■ Fibre fill

From the sewing basket
■ Scissors (for paper and fabric)
■ Tracing paper (optional)
■ Pencil (optional)
■ Pins
■ Hand-sewing needle
■ Turning tool or the tip of a pair of scissors or knitting needle

Cut out (or trace with tracing paper
and pencil) the Body and Ear pattern pieces from the templates.
From the Body fabric
Fold fabric in half, right sides together, lining up selvage edges. Cut two Body pieces. After cutting out the Body pieces, clip notches where indicated on pattern.
From the Ear fabric
Fold fabric in half, right sides together, lining up along the short ends. Cut a
total of four Ear pieces.

To assemble 
Step 1: Ears
Place two Ear pieces, right sides together, aligning all edges and pin. Sew with a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance around curved edge, leaving the flat end open. Repeat with the remaining two ear pieces. Clip the seam allowance around the curved edges. Turn ears right-side out and press flat.

Step 2: Body
Place one Body piece, with right side facing up, on a flat surface. Place one Ear on top of the other, aligning raw edges. Place them between the notches on the head of the Body piece, aligning the raw edges of the Ears with the raw edge of the head. Baste the Ears in place, slightly less than 6mm (¼in) from edge.

Place second Body piece on top of the first, with right sides together; align all edges and pin together around edges. Note: Fold the Ears so that they are sandwiched inside the two Body pieces; they should only be sewn into the seam at the top of the head. Sew Body pieces together with a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance, leaving an opening between the two notches at the belly (see illustration on next page).

Trim off the corners and clip seam allowance on all the curved seams. Turn Body right-side out, through the opening. Gently push out all corners with a turning tool or the tip of a pair of scissors or a knitting needle. Press the opening edges under 6mm (¼in).
Stuff the Body firmly with fiberfill. Using needle and thread, slip stitch the opening closed.

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